Icon Standards of Practice

The Hugh Manatee mascot must be displayed with certain limitations. The use of Hugh Manatee as an environmental mascot is intended to drive home the theme of being a friend of humanity by lowering everyone's carbon footprint and doing things that are good for the planet and its inhabitants. You create goodwill when you purchase items with the mascot pictured on it (if and when they become available), because if I can get this going, 4HughManatee LLC will be donating books and DVDs to middle school libraries that will bear the mascot on the inside of the cover on a large, colorful sticker designating that, "This is from a Friend of Hugh Manatee" and we will need to sell items in the eGift Shop to enable those donations. So far, I don't have the money to have items available but if I can get a company to take over my mascot and run with it, maybe my mission can be realized.

The branding of the mascot must stay strong and true to be able to build ever-growing consumer recognition in the marketplace. Copyright notices on the slogan and the manatee art both must appear. The entire icon and the slogan that goes with it each will have the TM, symbol for trademark. We will be applying for use of the ® registered mark once we have interstate commerce. No one may recreate or use the mascot/logo without written permission from Adrienne Weiss, the originator of the mascot and the banner. Contact me by email:  adrienne@4hughmanatee.com

Pantone Matching System Colors and CYMK Digital Printing

The mascot has specific Pantone color matching requirements to maintain the integrity of the logo and we will count on our suppliers to take extra care with it for consistency. We do not want the logo used in black and white or in different colors as it diminishes the impact and compromises its being established and recognized for the colors of the earth when seen from space. 

Style Sheet

Different shapes will be provided on a style sheet for our use in advertising, marketing, promotion, packaging, and public relations. It is provided with and without an integrated URL of our Website and it can be provided as a jpeg or vector art when we purchase items from suppliers to sell in our gift shop. It is also a given, that use of the mascot must not appear on items that are bad for the planet earth and its occupants. We will try to ensure any products we promote are guaranteed to be earth-friendly and preferably biodegradable.

Other rules of use:

  1. No overprinting on the icon is permitted.
  2. No other colors or tinting on Hugh is permitted.
  3. The copyright notice must always be displayed for the artwork of the icon. Once trademarked, the ® will replace the TM which must also be visible on all items using the icon.
  4. The typeface on the slogan is specified and is not alterable on the icon.
  5. The unauthorized use of this mascot and logo or any portion of it will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for copyright and/or trademark infringement for pirating. 
We hope that any paper items on which the Hugh Manatee mascot is printed uses at least 70% post-consumer waste fiber that is recycled and processed chlorine-free (PCF) and is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper. 


We want our customers to feel good that they are purchasing imprinted advertising specialties that bear the Hugh Manatee mascot, knowing that our items are made by “green” companies and preferably made in the U.S.A. so that we can control the quality of consumer items to be non-toxic and earth-friendly. These items will appear in our gift shop eventually if I can get funding.

There are two reasons you should consider purchasing items through our Website gift shop when it opens:

1. We stand by the highest “green” practices found anywhere and we insist that our suppliers of advertising specialties provide quality items that are earth-friendly and preferably made in the U.S.A.

2. Profits after expenses from sales go toward educational materials, increasing the knowledge the next generations need to continue the precepts that Hugh Manatee embodies.