Earth-Friendly Ideas

Earth-Friendly Ideas Start with Hugh Manatee

For those who are adding a CO2 burden to the planet or who are otherwise not helping the environment, we know the right thing to do is keep you from being in power. IT IS CRITICAL TO VOTE FOR CANDIDATES ON THE BALLOT WHO CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT AND WHO IS NOT IN THE POCKET OF COMPANIES IN THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY!

There is no place in a loving heart to hurt any living creature and Hugh Manatee represents the love of the planet Earth and all the species of flora and fauna upon it. Remember the tune, "We Are The World?" If not, look it up on YouTube. 

You can utilize Hugh Manatee as an environmental mascot to create more goodwill toward our environment. Please visit the CONTACT US page of this Website to let us know if you're interested in helping me get this out there.