Mission Statement

The mission of 4HughManatee LLC is to license the environmental mascot of Hugh, the manatee (a visual pun of the word humanity) along with a new slogan, "PROTECT OUR PLANET. HELP Humanity... FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE." 

We think using Hugh Manatee as an icon to represent companies whose products and services are earth-friendly will help sales, particularly if the company backs up the commitment by divesting from the fossil fuel industry. Consumers who see this symbol will know they're buying from "good-guy" companies. We are not the green police and we are not an agency that will certify anything...we just want the CEO to make a written pledge and lead their company to use this in good faith and back it up with earth-friendly practices, including divestment from fossil fuel companies in their portfolios. 

They will profit from that paradigm shift and it will allow us to use 100% of our after-expenses licensing fees to donate well-accepted educational books about ecology, global warming, sustainable resources, conservation, and other related topics for U.S.A. school libraries. Our best hope for the planet to sustain itself is with the up-and-coming generations, and education is the key. 

The gift shop is not yet open but when it does, the other part of our mission is to get consumers to display their support of green initiatives. To encourage that, items with the logo on them will be offered, and proceeds from the sales after expenses also go toward books we will donate to school libraries*. Please come back to visit to see if our gift e-shop is up yet. We're just getting started.

*Some of the titles under consideration are:

  • Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
  • An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore (Book and DVD)
  • Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich, PhD
  • Hot, Flat, and Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman
  • Hell and High Water by Joseph Romm, PhD
  • This Changes Everything; Climate Change vs Capitalism by Naomi Klein
  • A World Without Ice by Henry Pollack, PhD
  • How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Joanna Yarrow
  • Eaarth by Bill McKibben 
  • Earth Under Fire by Gary Braasch 
  • 11th Hour produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio (DVD)
  • Chasing Ice with National Geographic's noted photographer James Balog (DVD)
  • Age of Stupid (DVD)
  • Planet in Peril — The story the world can't afford to ignore by CNN's Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin (DVD)

We believe that the love for humanity will translate into love for Hugh Manatee — this lovable icon will be the standard-bearer of all green initiatives. As more and more companies take on the licensing of this icon and have it appear on their products, packaging and promotions, it will be recognized far and wide that he represents the good stewardship of the earth and our humanity. Together we can prolong the ability of the earth to sustain human life when our commerce is geared toward doing things that are good for everyone. 

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