Friends of Hugh Manatee

Will your company or organization be listed here as a "Friend of Hugh Manatee?" Forty-seven years have passed since the first Earth Day in 1970. Things are worse than ever with cracks in the Greenland and Antarctic ice. What are you waiting for?

It is time you displayed this icon which shows you are doing good things for the planet. Will it help you sell more products and attract more people to use your services or increase donations to help your organization? Possibly.

Join up and go to our Feedback page, fill in your information, and we will get back to you about how you can become a licensee and be counted as a "Friend of Hugh Manatee."

We will contact you to set up a custom licensing agreement that works with your needs. If you want your enterprise to be known for doing good things for humanity in terms of "going green", then license this icon and be a "Friend of Hugh Manatee." Of course, your company or organization must sincerely be doing things that are good for the planet but we are not certifying nor policing that effort but we do insist on the CEO making a pledge, in a written contract, to do good things for humanity in terms of green efforts. Then, we'll want to share the good news with people. Potential investors will want to know if you're listed here to see who has made the pledge to do good things for humanity and proudly display this icon in the marketplace. Firms in the fossil fuel industries need not apply.

Use your own Web pages to talk about the good things your company is doing for the planet to reinforce these green sales. Place the icon on that page as the button hyperlink to (we will provide the art to you when you sign on) a
nd it's a win-win for everyone when people see your company or organization listed on our "Friends of Hugh Manatee" page.

We will work hard to spread the acceptance of the icon as the standard-bearer of green initiatives and, as more and more companies and organizations take on the licensing of this icon and have it appear on their items in commerce, the Hugh Manatee icon will inspire people to take steps to do more for the planet in their own lives...first by buying your earth-friendly products or joining your ranks of activism. By taking more green initiatives every day, teaching kids and influencing their neighbors to do more good things, Hugh Manatee will catch on. The more we see the icon to remind us that we all need to be more environmentally responsible...the more we can track how these efforts may help the ability of the earth to sustain humanity. 

The planet is fragile and if we all embrace Hugh Manatee, our world will be a better place to live for all of humanity.

Just something to think about for one committed licensee...
Your third year of licensing will be half price on a 3-year contract if you want to take on the full sponsorship of a "DO GOOD THINGS FOR HUGH MANATEE" helium balloon for a future New York Thanksgiving Day or a float in the New Year's Day Rose Parade in Pasadena (there is a 3-year waiting list and it must be an established icon). Let's talk about it! Go to the Feedback page now.

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