4HughManatee LLC Creates An Icon So Humanity Gets the Message

Hugh Manatee has a sweet, endearing appeal as an environmental icon. This mascot has the potential to bring more understanding about the take-away from the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. Friends, neighbors, classmates, and coworkers should know how you feel about climate change and the dangers ahead for all of us...for all of humanity.

This aquatic mammal is a manatee and his name is "Hugh.Put it all together and it sounds like the word "humanity." The sustainability of our planet is at stake with the rise of carbon in our atmosphere. What used to be called GREENHOUSE GASES, the increasing amount of these particles from the burning of fossil fuels makes climate change worse and worse. Air and water pollution are doing damage to our planet. The evidence is all around us. We need to save humanity and Hugh Manatee can help influence people and the next generations coming up to stand strong against the fossil fuel industry by showing support for Hugh Manatee. Humanity must react to help educate others about what is going to change our environment for the better. 

Scientists know oceans are warming, permafrost and glaciers are melting, coral reefs are dying, the air is difficult to breathe, floods deluge some places and where there is drought, fires burn. The particles are due to the parts per million (ppm) of carbon in the atmosphere. It should be around 350 ppm but has risen to 403 ppm as of this writing (August 2017), causing record-breaking weather and environmental consequences. Support of the Hugh Manatee icon promotes people to take more measures to help fight climate change.

Proudly display this icon to show you support making earth-friendly choices. 

As a "Friend of Hugh Manatee" when you purchase any earth-friendly items that will soon be for sale in our Gift Shop, we will take after-expenses profits to donate books and/or DVDs to school libraries so the kids can learn about ecology, global warming, and how to help preserve the sustainability of planet Earth.

Be someone who cares about the only place we call home...Earth. Display the Hugh Manatee mascot with pride and buy green products, divest your financial ties from entities that have fossil fuels in the portfolio and invest in wind, solar, geothermal and water energy companies, plus do all you can to recycle and promote earth-friendly lifestyles. 

The recent political season puts the planet in further jeopardy with the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and new, lax EPA policies. Now, more than ever, we need people to do good things for humanity. This idea is endorsed by Noam Chomsky, PhD, Linguist and Political Activist and Walt Meier, PhD Climate Scientist. What are you doing that is earth-friendly? Are you recycling, switching to compact fluorescent bulbs from wasteful incandescent bulbs, using sustainable materials, using low VOC paint and generally lowering your carbon footprint?

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